Aikido translates as “Way of the Harmonious Spirit.”

Developed in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), aikido is a modern budo art focused on the peaceful resolution of conflict. It can be practiced by men and women of virtually any age. There is no competition in aikido. Instead, training is cooperative, with advanced practitioners helping beginners learn the art in the way most appropriate for their goals and abilities.

Although aikido can build self-defense skills, the primary focus of most practitioners is self-improvement through sincere, authentic martial arts training. Aikido develops both the mind and body. Training improves mental focus and self-confidence, enhances physical fitness and coordination, and imparts wisdom.

Aikido strives to create a future world in which peaceful interaction in society is achieved through the presence of a skilled sword that remains sheathed. Strength, skill, and foresight are required to forestall violence, not merely a “desire for peace.”

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