Traditional Aikido

The foundation of Ikazuchi Dojo is our traditional aikido program. These classes provide the opportunity to learn and experience the art of aikido in its purest form. Traditional uniforms are required and practice places heavy emphasis on preserving the customs, etiquette, and spirit of aikido training as developed by the founder.

Participation in this program requires an interview and orientation prior to joining. We interview students before they join to better understand their background, motivations, and expectations for training. If we believe the dojo will be a good fit for them, the student goes through an individual orientation and is paired with a senpai (senior student) to act as their guide for the first part of their journey in the dojo. Our traditional aikido program has a strong base of senior level aikidoka; some with over 40 years of aikido background and many with over a decade of experience.

Visiting aikidoka are always welcome to drop-in for a class and train with us. 

Personal Training

Group classes are necessary but not sufficient to excel, because group classes, by definition, cannot be tailored to the individual. The students who progress most dramatically at our dojo are those who train across three dimensions: group class participation, independent practice, and one-on-one training with a senior student or instructor. All students benefit from one-on-one training with their seniors when they prepare for kyu and dan tests or when they seek refinement of a specific technique after class, but an increasing number of students use personal training sessions to get direct mentoring and personalized instruction on a consistent basis. 

In addition to one-on-one sessions, we offer small group training programs. These “Shugyo” programs, roughly translated to mean a focused, intensive period of training, are conducted in 2-3 month intervals and require participants to embrace a period of extensive training in a focused aspect of the art. Each track has a specific theme, focus, and prerequisites and is designed for participants of similar skill levels.  

Workshops and Seminars

We lead seminars, workshops, and experiential events for individuals and large organizations at Ikazuchi Dojo and across the globe.

  • A photo journal of a seminar led by Haruo Matsuoka, our Chief Instructor
  • Aikido Journal’s first instructor seminar was hosted at Ikazuchi Dojo

Corporate Programs

Held at Ikazuchi Dojo and off-site at corporate campuses, we offer experiential learning programs and martial arts training for leading organizations. Our programs are designed by Josh Gold, who in addition to 25 years aikido experience, has 15 years executive management experience having led projects for clients such as Disney, Nissan Motors, Sony, and other leading global brands. 

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