Fighting for Her Daughter’s Life: Lee Lavi Ramirez Speaks

So says Lee Lavi Ramirez Sensei, former Israeli judo champion and military officer turned aikido instructor and founder of North Valley Aikikai in Northridge, California. The pupil of Ichiro Shibata Shihan (8th dan) – who was himself a direct disciple of Kisshomaru Ueshiba – is now marshaling all of her training to face the greatest challenge of her life: her teenage daughter Aria’s bone cancer.

The proceeds from several recent seminars have been donated to the cause, including one led by Ray Feliciano of Maru Dojo and Josh Gold of Ikazuchi Dojo.

Ray Feliciano and Josh Gold at the Ground and Blade Defense workshop, hosted at Ikazuchi Dojo.

Learn more and listen to a podcast with Lee Lavi Ramirez and Josh Gold here.

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