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Josh Gold, co-founder of Ikazuchi Dojo, talks with Kung Fu Kingdom, a leading destination for martial arts enthusiasts, about the dojo, aikido’s place in the martial arts community, and his work with Aikido Journal.

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  1. patrick herbert iv

    if in teaching or said teachers of aikido stated that it is the ‘headless art’ it is simple in my findings to relate these things.

    if to say that aikido like zen buddhist paintings were grounded in only one form say a square most practice adheres to fourth kyu studies. if like in a dojo we need to bring our egos down to center on this square or mat it is because we are fighting a circle in nature or in front of us, like a head.

    if like aspects of meditation of compassion breath is there, held and exhaled we need to remove those of these teaching who talk over their throats into deep ‘deep cup.’.

    I like others don’t find everything on aikido as to say breaking a board. I have been taught be divisions in the united states navy to observe these type of controling factors as like the rendition of aikido as to study style and form not the energy. I have also been to hearings as to be told ‘life can not be about compassion.’

    if sourced as aikido to me is like compassion and form only of a square, these type of people and situations only leads to a circle in or out of nature. the only true circle is death and breath is a blow in it and of it.

    aikido like what we can not see could be lost in the breathe of a painted man though this is not what I aspire to either.

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