Podcast Interview with Josh Gold

In this 36 minute podcast, Josh Gold, the current operator of Aikido Journal,  talks about his mentor, his dojo, his relationship with Stanley Pranin, and the future of the journal.

In our community survey, many expressed interest in podcasts as one additional medium for the journal’s content. Having the opportunity to speak on the Edgar Ortega radio show, we thought we’d test out the format and use it as an opportunity to talk a bit about the future of Aikido Journal. Please take a listen and let us know what you think of the audio interview format.

If you’d like to skip directly to the part of the conversation related to Aikido Journal, you can start at 16:00.


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  1. Richard

    I could not find this podcast episode or series in the podcasts app. Please can it be added, or instructions added as to how to find it. I would value listening to it easily when travelling.

    1. Josh Gold

      Hi Richard. Unfortunately, Edgar’s show is currently only available on Youtube. You’d have to go to the YouTube URL and just let it play when you’re connected to wifi or a cellular data service…Hope you can find a way to listen!

  2. Reg Sakamoto

    Mr Gold,

    I truly enjoyed your interview! I love and want to use as a model your dojo methodology! It`s an inspiration! Please keep up the good work and may we all work on improving the standards of aikido to elevate this incredible art!
    From the heart I thank you.

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