2016 Year in Review

Our 2016 Annual Update is now available for download in PDF format. Learn about our initiatives, achievements, and insights from last year.  

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  1. Richard Price

    Dear Sensei: My name is Richard Price. I am a rokudan and active member of the teaching and testing committee with the Aikido World Alliance under Andy Sato Shihan.
    I am also a retired police officer from North Carolina. I am always interested in anything dealing with practical knife training for police officers. I have a training business called Aikido for Law Enforcement Tactical Training, LLC. I teach both state and federally both nationally and internationally tactical aikido training for police, corrections and mental health professionals. I love aikido techniques for controlling the subject. It certainly helped keep me safe on the street for twenty years. I have adapted a military knife fighting stance for simplicity, easy to teach to new people and for controlling the blade, then plugging in aikido techniques and disarms. I have never felt the attacks in formal aikido were practical and have always taught from a variety of strikes, slashes, overhead attacks, etc. Part of the training I do is with drills with the ASP red knife and the SHOCKKNIFE. I would enjoy reviewing your work and offering a constructive evaluation.
    I may be in your area in June of this year visiting friends. Yours in Aiki, Richard Price

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