The Dojo

Ikazuchi Dojo is a new breed of martial arts academy.

We focus exclusively on programs for adults seeking the extraordinary experience of becoming a high-level martial artist. To provide a deeper understanding and appreciation for the art, we are relentlessly committed to research and development, offering comprehensive instructional systems, and providing meaningful training and cultural experiences for our members.

The Community

Our members range in age from 13-80, speak 20 different languages, draw from a variety of professional backgrounds, and include relative newcomers and decades-long practitioners. A truly diverse membership, we are united in our shared desire to cultivate a community that is open and welcoming to anyone who seeks a personal journey of development and transformation through the practice of aikido.


Our dojo students place great trust in our instructors. For every student, the path of personal development as a martial artist presents its own unique challenges, which can seem insurmountable at times.

Mindful of this, we demand the very best from our instructors. Our team of instructors meets regularly to discuss programs, align teaching methodologies, and develop training strategies for individual students. We require our instructors to have high levels of technical, instructional, and leadership skills. In exchange for their willingness to develop themselves in this capacity, we commit to invest in their growth.

We operate an instructor development program that exposes our instructors to new teaching challenges and gives them the opportunity to develop their aikido through direct instruction from Matsuoka Sensei in a small group setting.

Read our instructor bios here.

Training Technology

We’ve begun actively incorporating physics, kinesiology, and learning sciences to inform our instruction and give us a deeper understanding of the art. Additionally, we’ve started providing our members numerous platforms to capture meaningful and actionable data allowing them to analyze their performance and skill in great detail. We’ve To help our members reach their maximum potential, we’ve utilized multi-angle video capture and analysis, side-by-side video comparisons, functional movement screenings, learning styles analyses, and even body composition scans.

These elements are seamlessly and transparently woven into the training and practice of aikido at the dojo. Elevating our students’ growth while maintaining a traditional dojo environment is our top priority.

Our History

Founded in 2002, our Chief Instructor and Assistant Chief Instructor have a 25 year long mentor / disciple relationship.

Haruo Matsuoka (Chief Instructor) began his aikido journey in 1976 and now has over 40 years of experience. He was a direct disciple of Seiseki Abe (10th dan), a direct student of the founder of aikido. Learn more about Matsuoka Sensei here.