Billy Vincenty

Billy (shodan) began his aikido training in 2010 and received his black belt from Matsuoka Sensei in 2015.

Billy grew up fast on the rough streets of the South Bronx, N.Y. In 1971, his martial arts journey began with the study of Shotokan karate as a necessary self-defense and personal empowerment skill. Billy received his karate nidan in 1983 and now has over 25 years of experience in the art.

While impressed by aikido at an early age, Billy didn’t begin formal training in the art until age 52. By the time he walked into Ikazuchi Dojo as a beginner, he’d already internalized some of the most important foundational concepts of the martial arts – shinken shobu (life or death attitude), maai (distance and timing), and zanshin (continuous presence and awareness). Today, his love for aikido and teaching stems from his drive to give back and help others build self-empowerment through training in the art.

Billy also has an affinity for dance and along with his wife Adela, has competed in many styles of dance. Billy and his wife of 32 years hail their best accomplishment as the raising of their two accomplished, loving daughters.