Our Mission

Ikazuchi Dojo is dedicated to promoting personal transformation through the art of aikido.

We seek to preserve the heritage, traditions, and spirit of the art and its founder, and we use every resource available to innovate, refine, and elevate what it means to be a martial arts dojo. We never stop questioning our assumptions and methods; we embrace how much we have to learn and grow.

We focus exclusively on programs for adults seeking the extraordinary experience of becoming a high-level martial artist. To provide a deeper understanding and appreciation for the art, we are relentlessly committed to research and development, offering comprehensive instructional systems, and providing meaningful training and cultural experiences for our members.

Our members range in age from 13-80, speak 20 different languages, draw from a variety of professional backgrounds, and include relative newcomers and decades-long practitioners. A truly diverse membership, we are united in our shared desire to cultivate a community that is open and welcoming to anyone who seeks a personal journey of development and transformation through the practice of aikido.