We offer two types of programs for large organizations:

  • On-site wellness programs designed to boost fitness, promote proper posture, and improve workplace ergonomics. The training also focuses on team building, improving focus and self-confidence, and providing tools to manage high pressure situations. Programs typically take the form of recurring 1-hour aikido classes held 2-3 times each week.
  • Experiential learning events that are aikido themed and highly customizable. We design team building events, workshops, and seminars that align with an organization’s culture, initiatives, and objectives. We create experiential learning components to support companies’ existing training programs, lead conflict management workshops, and design once-in-a-lifetime executive retreats. We’ve successfully delivered these experiences to a number of leading organizations across the country.

Programs are designed by Josh Gold, who in addition to 25 years of aikido experience, also has 15 years executive management experience. He was a co-founder of two business consulting firms with clients that included Disney, DreamWorks, Sony, Nissan Motors, and other leading global brands.

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