Podcast Interview with Josh Gold

In this 36 minute podcast, Josh Gold, the current operator of Aikido Journal,  talks about his mentor, his dojo, his relationship with Stanley Pranin, and the future of the journal. In our community survey, many expressed interest in podcasts as one additional medium for the journal’s content. Having the opportunity to speak on the Edgar Ortega radio

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Community Insights

We recently organized a survey to get to know the Aikido Journal community better. With over 1,000 respondents, we’ve been able to get a much clearer picture of the community and had the opportunity to get lots of great feedback and ideas. We’d like to share some of the survey data with the community, along with our preliminary

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The Future of Aikido

After the passing of Stanley Pranin, founder of Aikido Journal, we organized a survey to get to know the aikido community better and learn more about its priorities. We’ll soon share more data, but the community voiced a clear interest in putting more focus on addressing important challenges facing the world of aikido today.  One such issue

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Turning Away Students

Before joining Ikazuchi Dojo’s traditional aikido program, we interview each prospective student. Not all are accepted. Since we’ve instituted this system, a few without detailed knowledge of our process have wondered if this is an elitist approach or in some way goes against the core philosophy of aikido.  We wanted to take the opportunity to outline

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Introducing The Lab

Since launching Ikazuchi Dojo Online, we’ve received great feedback from our community. One thing we’ve discovered is that many Ikazuchi Dojo students and practitioners in our extended community want more exposure to our research efforts and special projects. After careful reflection on the best way to provide visibility into our research, experimentation, and projects, we decided to

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Thilo and Nastia at Ikazuchi Dojo

Building an Effective Instructor Team

Every dojo has a Chief Instructor, but to scale a martial arts academy, it is necessary to build a team of instructors.  We wanted to take the opportunity to share our approach to this challenge. Different dojos have different priorities, circumstances, and areas of focus. Our approach has been carefully designed to align with our

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The Seminar: A New Blueprint

The Standard Seminar Formula The standard weekend seminar format is well known and has become refined over decades of modern martial arts training. A typical seminar will host a master or senior instructor for a weekend of training with a school’s students as well as practitioners from other local (and sometimes distant) schools joining in. These

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Hijishime-Josh Gold and Nastia Shuba

Dojo Analytics 101: Tracking Injuries

In response to the interest generated by our earlier post, “How Safe is Your Training?“, we’ve written a follow-up that outlines how we track, analyze, and respond to injury-tracking data in the dojo. We’ve outlined below a 6-step plan to track and minimize martial arts injuries. While it’s not perfect and we’re still refining the system, we’ve

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How Safe is Your Training?

Every year, Ikazuchi Dojo compiles operating metrics to get a numerical snapshot of the dojo. We are fortunate to have enough aikido students and infrastructure to collect a meaningful amount of data. There are many important things in a dojo that can’t be measured with numbers. But many can. One thing that can, and should

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