The Seminar: A New Blueprint

The Standard Seminar Formula The standard weekend seminar format is well known and has become refined over decades of modern martial arts training. A typical seminar will host a master or senior instructor for a weekend of training with a school’s students as well as practitioners from other local (and sometimes distant) schools joining in. These

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The Osaka Era

Osaka vs. Irvine As a dojo, our history begins in Osaka, Japan 1976. This is the time our Chief Instructor, Haruo Matsuoka Sensei, began his aikido journey. Forty years later, we decided to take a brief look back at the practice from the Osaka era and reflect on how it has influenced our training at Ikazuchi

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Aikido: A New Path

“For me, through the dojo, I have found another home and family. I move through crowded rooms differently now, more aware and with greater body control. Life’s difficulties somehow seem less unsettling and are often met with a calmer head. I have become more patient with myself and gradually become more aware of my weaknesses

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