Aikido: A New Path

“For me, through the dojo, I have found another home and family. I move through crowded rooms differently now, more aware and with greater body control. Life’s difficulties somehow seem less unsettling and are often met with a calmer head. I have become more patient with myself and gradually become more aware of my weaknesses

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Matsuoka Sensei’s Aikido Journey: Part 6

In this segment, Matsuoka Sensei talks about becoming Chief Instructor of Ten Shin Dojo and the challenges of managing a dojo with stratospheric growth. Josh Gold: Sensei, you said that about a year before Above The Law came out, Seagal Sensei made you chief instructor, right? Yes, that’s right.. And that’s when he promoted you to 3rd

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Matsuoka Sensei’s Aikido Journey: Part 3

Matsuoka Sensei’s Aikido Journey: Part 3 The emergence of an aikido style with the impact to captivate hundreds of millions on the big screen… Josh Gold: Sensei, a lot of the hand movements and throws we’ve practiced over the years – I’d not really seen them anywhere else, so were they developed around this time?

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