The Seminar: A New Blueprint

The Standard Seminar Formula The standard weekend seminar format is well known and has become refined over decades of modern martial arts training. A typical seminar will host a master or senior instructor for a weekend of training with a school’s students as well as practitioners from other local (and sometimes distant) schools joining in. These

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Making Our Aikido Effective

Recently, there’s been an active and healthy dialogue around the effectiveness of aikido as a martial art, and how the general lack of practitioners’ martial skill development has contributed to a decline in popularity of the art. After reflecting on our own dojo’s approach and contemplating ways we can improve in this area, we wanted

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The Osaka Era

Osaka vs. Irvine As a dojo, our history begins in Osaka, Japan 1976. This is the time our Chief Instructor, Haruo Matsuoka Sensei, began his aikido journey. Forty years later, we decided to take a brief look back at the practice from the Osaka era and reflect on how it has influenced our training at Ikazuchi

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Dawn of a New Era?

Dawn of A New Era in Motion Capture Motion capture technology has been around for decades. The fidelity of current systems is phenomenal. They bring amazing characters to life in film and games. But the technology is expensive and requires substantial human and infrastructure resources to support it. A set-up used to capture an athlete’s moves for

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Thilo and Nastia at Ikazuchi Dojo

What Lies Beyond Rank?

As our dojo has grown, so has our community of senior level aikidoka. We’ve been fortunate enough to have many yudansha (black belts) join our family from other parts of the aikido world. With a number of recent additions, we published a list of active yudansha so we can all get to know our dojo’s senior

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Hijishime-Josh Gold and Nastia Shuba

Dojo Analytics 101: Tracking Injuries

In response to the interest generated by our earlier post, “How Safe is Your Training?“, we’ve written a follow-up that outlines how we track, analyze, and respond to injury-tracking data in the dojo. We’ve outlined below a 6-step plan to track and minimize martial arts injuries. While it’s not perfect and we’re still refining the system, we’ve

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How Safe is Your Training?

Every year, Ikazuchi Dojo compiles operating metrics to get a numerical snapshot of the dojo. We are fortunate to have enough aikido students and infrastructure to collect a meaningful amount of data. There are many important things in a dojo that can’t be measured with numbers. But many can. One thing that can, and should

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